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The Importance of a Professional Commercial Roofing Logo

They say first impressions are everything. In the business world, your commercial roofing logo is your first impression—your visual handshake, if you will, to customers and would-be customers. Just as a flabby handshake is a sign of weakness, a subpar logo can communicate inadequacy and turn off potential clients before they’ve even picked up the phone to call you. You’ve worked hard to establish your roofing business—it is wise to work just as hard in selecting the image that will stand as its symbol for years to come.

A logo is the image consumers come to most strongly associate with your business, and it is generally the first thing a potential customer will notice when looking at your advertisements, your signs, your letterhead, etc. As the key visual representation of your business, your logo is not something to be taken lightly, thrown together quickly, or arbitrarily changed once it has become established.

The creation of a logo should involve a careful process —not be the flippant work of a few hours. It is wisest to work with a professional designer and marketing firm that understands branding and how to do it effectively. In the end, your logo becomes a central part of an effective marketing campaign.

In choosing your commercial roofing logo, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it simple. Use of a strong, simple image can make for the most effective kind of logo. A logo design that is simple facilitates easy recognition, and an effective logo is one the viewing public can instantly identify as a symbol of your company. Your logo should be vibrant, look professional, be unique, and be memorable.
  • Make a strong statement. Experts discourage businesses from creating multiple versions of a logo to be used for different purposes (i.e. a light-blue logo for your letterhead and an orange version with a slightly different font for Web publishing). Be consistent with the use of your logo and let just one logo stand strong and represent your business without the competition of fraternal twin images.
  • Send the right message. You need a logo that communicates positive messages about your business and what you do. A clean, vibrant, professional-looking logo bespeaks quality, so make sure your logo not only stands out from the pack but sends the right message to customers.
  • Check out the competition. As you set to work creating a dynamic logo that will make your business easily recognizable to consumers, take a look at the logos your competitors are using. You want a unique logo that will stand out from the crowd. If one of your top rivals in the local roofing business has the black outline of a building in their logo, for instance, you most definitely don’t want to use the outline of a building in your logo; or, if you do, you want to make sure it is clearly distinctive and does not echo the look of your competitor’s logo.
  • Make a long-term commitment. Once you have chosen and established your logo, changing it down the road can be detrimental. Changing a longtime logo is almost as drastic as changing your business name after it’s well recognized. So take your time in creating the definitive logo to represent your business—and then keep that logo for the long haul.

Work With Those Who Know

The professionals at Top Roof Marketing are focused exclusively on providing marketing services for commercial roof contractors. Over the course of creating more than 100 logo designs, we have established a rock-solid reputation of excellence and a stellar history of proven results for our commercial roofing clients. Let us help you create the iconic logo that will take your business into a successful future. Contact us today!

Example Logos Designed by Top Roof Marketing

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