How to Improve Your Bottom Line During Lean Times

Since the coronavirus pandemic became a regular part of the daily headlines, we have seen lower-than-average numbers for the commercial roofing industry.  Repairs, coatings, and full replacement orders are all taking a direct hit.

An industry downturn is always out of your control.  What is within your direct control are the measures you can, or should, take to grab what business there is and, equally importantly, what steps you take to positively position your business within your local marketplace.

Though the coronavirus situation is certainly unparalleled in our country’s history, supply and demand ebb and flow annually.  The practices we utilize during the leaner times will serve you well during this time too.


Streamlining your business basically means taking a repetitive process, then eliminating the unnecessary steps to make it more time-efficient, and therefore, more cost-efficient.  For example, consider your process for producing a written estimate.  If you don’t already use some form of templates for standard types of jobs, this may be way to streamline the time and energy it takes to generate that estimate.

Using software, with predetermined values reduces the amount of time necessary for the generation of the report, keeps terms consistent, reduces risk of error, and can be updated routinely as materials costs change.

A different example could be by reducing the amount of paper utilized within the company by moving to a more technology-based solution like group emails and online training to eliminate handouts and memos.  Annual paper costs can get expensive, so by streamlining your communication process, you eliminate additional expense.

Though streamlining your business won’t immediately increase business revenue, it will reduce costs, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Clear, Concise Marketing

In spite of what you might think, the off season is definitely NOT the time to stop marketing your business.  Too many commercial roofing contractors pull back on marketing during the off season to “save money”.  However, it has been shown that customers call the business that is top of their mind first.  If that’s your competition instead of you, your company will lose a bunch of business.

To maintain a top-of-mind presence, your company name, brand or logo needs to be kept in front of potential customers. To do so requires ongoing marketing.

To be effective, that marketing should be very clear, very concise and reflect the values of your business.  Statistics show that almost 70% of consumers prefer to work with a company that reflects their own values.  By sharing those corporate values within your marketing program, you speak directly to that segment of the public that shares those values with you.

If you aren’t currently working on building your company’s brand within social media, this is a good time to start.  Social media branding takes significant time to get established and build a good following.  The off season gives you more time to focus on this area.

Off seasons are also an excellent time to attend Chamber of Commerce mixers, and to establish membership with industry groups, both online and in person.  This type of interaction positions you directly in front of potential customers and begins to establish the type of relationship most likely to result in both short-term and long-term future business.

Inspection/Maintenance Programs

Work with your existing customer base and offer “off season specials” on scheduled inspection and maintenance programs.

A good inspection/maintenance program benefits both your business and your customer.  It reduces the risk of unexpected issues occurring in your customer’s roofing system, establishes proof of inspection needed by many roofing warranties and keeps their roof in tip-top condition.

For your business, it keeps a revenue stream open and reinforces the relationship between you and your customer.  Your business is also the most likely to be used should a problem be identified during the inspection process.  This, again, increases revenue.

Don’t consider only scheduled inspections; also offer special inspection programs after adverse weather events.  Commercial roofs should be inspected after significant weather events like heavy wind, hailstorms, hurricane, tornado and so forth.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to your customer base should one of these occur in your area.

Remember, lean times happen.  Whether it’s an unexpected virus, seasonal fluctuation or country-wide recession, being prepared for decreased business demand is the responsibility of every business owner.

Introducing Our Newest Team Member

We are excited to announce Shanze Gillani has recently joined our team. Many of you have already heard from her.

Shanze Gillani

Shanze Gillani

My experience includes developing campaigns, driving conversions and brand conversations as well as supporting clients during their decision-making process. I rise to the challenge of communicating and analyzing large amounts of information and am excited to transfer my knowledge and experience to the roofing industry! Also, when I’m not working, I generally love spending time in the outdoors or relaxing with my family.

EXPERTISE: Email Marketing – Research – Social Media

Shanze brings her unique talent and experience in marketing and campaign development to our clients, along with key insights that will deliver greater satisfaction and more success. She will help keep all of the marketing moving pieces functioning cohesively so we can outperform client expectations.

As always, our priority has been exceptional customer service while offering top-notch marketing tools. With Shanze on board, the conversation just accelerated ten-fold! Shanze adds another layer of support to our clients, and especially hopes to expand your business potential by making your strategy development and notable company branding wider reaching. Her proven results in driving conversions will most certainly benefit our clients.

With a degree in business management, a distinction in biology, and the best grades in her class, it is clear Shanze is one sharp lady with the skills to match. In her free time, she loves being outdoors and spending time with her family.

She will be taking over for Jenna who has been a faithful SEO advocate for dozens of clients and successfully kept up as Top Roof Marketing grew into publishing hundreds of blogs per month to help roofing companies across the nation rank better.

In an email to our clients, Jenna said, “With a new season comes change and while it’s bittersweet, I’m writing to say goodbye to our Top Roof Marketing family. You have all been incredible clients and it’s been a pleasure working with you to assist in growing your businesses. I’m leaving TRM to give my two littles and family the focus they need and I’m grateful to leave confidently knowing you’re in great hands.”

Jenna will be sorely missed. We wish her well and commend her important decision to have more time with her growing family.

Update July 2022: Jenna is back part time to assist with a few high-level assignments each week. We’re happy to have her continued help!

SEO 101

As a business owner, you probably hear the term SEO all the time from solicitations, but unless you’re a geek (like pretty much everyone on our team), you probably don’t really understand what that really means. If you want to grow, it would be a big mistake not to fully understand the term.

To understand why, we need to look deeper into how search engines work.  I know it sounds tedious, but trust me, your business will thank you.

How Search Engines Work

For ease, we’re going to use Google as our example.  They are the largest and most popular search engine on the planet, with over 5.6 billion searches conducted daily.  Additionally, we are going to use a location – in this case I have randomly chosen Phoenix, AZ.

Your potential customer goes to Google and enters “roofing” and gets 243 million results.  They probably then will begin to use different terms.  They then enter “roofing in Phoenix”.  Great, now they are down to about 74 million options.  Why?  There aren’t 74 million roofing companies in Phoenix.  However, Google searches for any combination of roofing and Phoenix on a webpage; not just roofing companies.

So let’s get more specific with “roofing companies in Phoenix”.  Looking at the results remaining, at the very top we see 3 companies listed with a slightly yellow background.  These are companies that have PAID for positioning.  This is not a cheap solution as every click has to be paid for, though it does grab the attention.

Below that, you begin to find the unpaid listings starting with a map that shows various roofers and their locations.  How are those ranked?  By algorithms (a math term meaning formulas) Google has written.  This is where SEO begins to come in.

Search Engine Algorithms

We’re finally through the math and into the meat and potatoes.  All search engines, not just Google, use algorithms to determine rankings.  Basically, they take the words in the search “roofing companies in Phoenix” and look for how many times those words show up in a site.  The sites with those words showing most frequently are often ranked the highest.

You might think “I’ll just make a site with just those words repeated over and over to rank #1”.  Good logic, but it doesn’t work that way.  These algorithms are sophisticated enough to understand that subterfuge and will actually drop those sites from their rankings entirely.  In fact, they will probably be black-listed by the search engine.

Instead, those terms must be woven within the content of the site in a manner that sounds normal and conversant.

Additionally, knowing exactly what words your client may use is a crapshoot.  They may choose “roofing in Phx” or “house roofing” or “roofer” rather than “roofing”.  Each of these words is individually considered by the algorithm.  So, the results for “roofers in Phoenix” will have different rankings than “house roofer in Phx”.

The best way to rank higher in Google and other search engines is through a policy called SEO, which is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization.


SEO is the intentional design of your site to effectively score highly with search engine algorithms.  It includes the layout of the site, the content within the site, and the addition of ongoing content in the form of blogs which add additional keywords to the overall site.  This allows the number of times the most important terms and phrases are used to grow in an organic and natural appearing form.  Just how Google likes it.

It is NOT quick.  SEO takes time to build.  If you try to go too fast with heavy backlinking and other shortcuts, the algorithms will flag the site and once again your website can be black-listed. Everything must feel natural and organic.

Why choose us?

  • Specialized in Commercial
  • Fine-Tuned Strategies
  • Commitment to Quality

Learn More

It’s important to always remember that Google is designed for the consumer, not your business.

The goal of a search engine is to provide the consumer with the most relevant responses to their inquiry.  It only makes sense that if Google starts sending “garbage” to the consumer, that user is going to go to a different search engine.  That is why Google black-lists companies and sites that appear to be attempting to circumvent their algorithm for their own benefit vs. providing true value to the internet community.

SEO not only takes time to work and improve your ranking, it also takes time to accomplish.  Writing all the blogs, ensuring the keywords are properly placed, posting those blogs in a regular, scheduled manner, and sharing with social media (a whole other ball of worms) is time-consuming and tedious.  But you are running a roofing company with so many other things to worry about. Who has the time?

We do. Plus, we come with years of experience to ensure efforts are properly focused for the best ROI. Contact Top Roof Marketing to discuss your site’s rankings in Google and see how we can help you improve both your positioning and the resulting additional business you will receive.  Call us today at (800) 795-2187 or use the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Phishing Isn’t Phunny

One of our clients recently received an email from “Melynda”.  She stated she was a photographer and claimed copyright infringement regarding photos used on his website.  Obviously, this caused great alarm and required immediate attention.  Or did it?   This is a scam of the “phishing” variety and has been documented in multiple sources online.

In case you receive a comparable email, the “sender” is generally Melinda, Mel or Melynda.  As noted, she claims you have stolen her intellectual property (photos) and demands you remove them immediately.  She goes further offering to “prove” her ownership and provides a link.  Don’t fall for this line of garbage.  Though initially convincing, conduct your own research before proceeding any farther.

What is Phishing?

The Oxford Dictionary defines phishing as “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers”.

Dating back to the 1990s, phishing is one of the oldest, and most common, form of cyberattack.  In fact, phishing is so pervasive that over 78% of all data breaches are a result of a phishing attack.   Notable data breaches in the last 5 years include:

  • Hackers (Phishermen) convinced Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta to give up his Gmail password, opening his mail up for their perusal.
  • Apple iCloud servers were breached on multiple fronts and intimate photos of several celebrities were made public.
  • University of Kansas employees were convinced to share their paycheck direct deposit information, costing them their paychecks.

As you can see, this form of cyberattack works on intelligent, well educated individuals just as well as the gullible, naïve or elderly.

The information phishing attacks looks for are generally either (a) financial information, such as credit card numbers; (b) personal information, like passwords or (c) the user to click on a link/download and allow ransomware installation on a system.

Why is Phishing Effective?

Cyber criminals can purchase phishing “kits” on the dark web.  These kits are what make the scam look so realistic and fool even the discerning.  A kit provides the framework and information necessary to set up a fake website, fake URL, and fake email; all of which are designed for one single purpose – to convince you of the sender’s legitimacy and entice you into providing the information they want.

The kit works like this:

  1. The legitimate website is cloned (think Amazon or your local bank).
  2. The login page is changed to point toward a script focused on stealing your credentials.
  3. These modifications are then bundled together in a Zip file and sold as a kit on the dark web.
  4. Once purchased, the kid is uploaded to the hacked website and the files are unzipped.
  5. Emails are then sent with links that point to the fake website. On login, you receive the script that asks you for your personal information.  As everything looks normal, you innocently provide what they are looking for.

A company called Ironscales monitored 50,000 fake log-in pages.  The most common companies for phishers to clone were:

  • PayPal – 22%
  • Microsoft – 19%
  • Facebook – 15%
  • eBay – 6%
  • Amazon – 3%

How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Caught

There are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of being a phishing scam victim.

  1. Always double-check the spellings in URLs before you click on a link or share sensitive data. Frequently, these have a minor, and easily overlooked change (such as changing an i for an l).
  2. Watch for URL redirects, where you are sent to a fraudulent website, with a duplicated design. Though we don’t habitually look at the URL, checking it to ensure it does belong with the company in question is an excellent way to detect a phishing scam.
  3. If you receive a suspicious email, don’t hit respond. This prevents the hacker from potentially gaining access to your system.
  4. Don’t share personal data such as birthdays, vacation plans, your phone number or address on social media. These all give cybercriminals clues about you and can make their phishing expeditions much more believable.
  5. Have your IT department “sandbox” all inbound email. This step checks the validity of all links BEFORE the email hits your computer.
  6. Pay attention. We all go through our day responding to unrelenting email.  It’s a part of our life and our livelihood.
  7. Get Top Roof Marketing’s Ongoing Security/Protection Program. This won’t stop a phishing attempt; but should that attempt result in damage to your existing site, it will get your site repaired at no cost to you.  Additionally, the increased security and routinely updated WordPress platforms may reduce to potential for a cyberattack in the future.

For more information, please call the Top Roof Marketing team today at (800) 795-2187 and make yourself and your website “out of season” for the phishing cybercriminal community.

Something for Nothing?

We recently wrote about the importance of updating older WordPress websites.  The blog discussed the exploits hackers use to get into and maliciously change code, the risks associated with lower standings in Google and other search engines, and the irreparable risk to your reputation should your site be hacked.

Now, Top Roof Marketing is putting its money where its mouth is! (So, to speak).

We are choosing to upgrade our “Ongoing Security/Protection Package” at no additional charge for both current and future clients.  Those upgrades include:

  • Additional Updates to Your WordPress Installation
  • Ongoing Bulletproof Security Upgrades
  • Solarwinds’ Pingdom for Long-term Monitoring

That’s a whole lot of upgrading for nothing extra.  Why?

Top Roof Marketing is fully vested in the success of your website.  We know the vital part it plays in the success of your roofing company, and we believe it is our responsibility to make your site as secure as technologically possible while its under our care.

Additional Details

What do each of those upgrades include and how will they increase the security of your website?

A fully updated WordPress Platform.  To reduce your risk of being hacked to the absolute minimum possible, Top Roof Marketing will:

  • Update the WordPress CMS engine
  • Update the WordPress theme
  • Update all your plugins (and reconfigure or even replace, if necessary)

Install, update, and configure Bulletproof Security protection on an ongoing basis.  Ensuring the latest version of this security program is installed will add additional protection that is not built into WordPress.  Kind of like how your computer needs antivirus software, even if you have the most recent version of Windows or Mac.

Additionally, you will get:

  • Malware scanner (anti-malware)
  • .htaccess security protection (firewall)
  • Login security & monitoring (prevents brute force attacks)

Solarwinds’ Pingdom Protection. As if that isn’t enough, Top Roof Marketing has also contracted with Solarwinds’ Pingdom to provide additional 3rd party monitoring that includes:

  • Uptime monitoring that measures availability of your website
  • Page speed monitoring to alert of any challenges regarding load performance
  • Real user monitoring, using data from actual site users
  • Transaction monitoring to ensure vital site interaction operate smoothly

What’s the Catch?

Honestly, there is only one.  You do have to engage our Ongoing Security/Protection Package.

That’s it.  If you already have the package, we’ll provide these benefits at no additional cost to you.  If you don’t have the package, but want it, your package will include all these upgrades with no change in price.

That’s a WHOLE lot of “Something for Nothing”, isn’t it!  Want to take advantage?  Call the Top Roof Marketing Team today at (800) 795-2187 and start protecting that website investment.

Upgrades for Your Website

mailersThe trend toward digital advertising continues to rise. The good news is that having a professional website can make you stand out like never before. The bad news is that hackers are rampant, website speeds are now calculated for ranking your site in search engines like Google, and heavy traffic can bog down your site.

The best news is that Top Roof Marketing has solutions to make your current website a success. As more people turn to digital avenues, attracting potential clients is key to your success. Allow our team the opportunity to discuss the many options available to protect your company, website, and customers. All it takes is a call to 800-795-2187 to provide you with the guidance needed for a successful web presence.

Popular Website Upgrade Options

HTTPS (SSL Certificate).  When a website URL has the added ‘s’ in front of the domain, it is a clear indicator that the website has added an active SSL Certificate. This is a digital certificate that enables an encrypted connection and provides authentication for your website. The SSL certificate ensures that the communication passed between the website and the client is secured, preventing hackers from getting the clients personal information. It provides your clients with the peace of mind that your website is authentic and encrypted. Plus, search engines will favor your website more, leading to higher rankings in search results.

Ongoing Security.  Many website platforms provide some built-in security but will require further protection and maintenance to keep you free from new hacking techniques.  By adding security and monitoring protection, you can be confident that your website has the top-of-the-line defense against all new hacks. The best news is that if a troublesome hacker does break through, our warranty protection will cover the repair of your site at no extra cost to you!

Speed Upgrade.  When browsing the web, we all want everything to be super-fast.  Our speed upgrade option may be the best thing you can do for your existing website.  By stripping out unneeded functions, we can improve the performance of your site (just recently we shaved 5 seconds off the loading time of a website). And, as an added bonus, Google and other search engines are making speed a factor in rankings. So, speed upgrades have the potential to boost your organic rankings so you can get more online leads.

Why choose us?

  • Specialized in Commercial
  • Fine-Tuned Strategies
  • Commitment to Quality

Learn More

Hosting Upgrade.  Having a dedicated IP address on a server that isn’t shared with 100s of websites (which is common for budget $10-15/month plans) can vastly improve the user experience for larger websites. Upgrading your hosting can increase speed, increase available hard drive space for content, and mitigate the “neighborhood reputation” risk brought on by sharing an IP address with 100s of other websites that could be hacked with viruses or be sending out mass amounts of email spam.

Call Today to Learn More

We look forward to discussing these and many other options to help improve your website.  Our team is always happy to discuss other additions including online instant messaging, real-time widgets, on-exit pop ups, ongoing SEO, content development for new pages, and so much more!  Please call us at 800-795-2187 so we can help make your website the best it can be.

New Year…New Opportunities!

The old saying hindsight is 20/20 has never been truer than today. Looking back on the year, as a country we have faced many unexpected challenges. Yet, we remain united and steadfast.

Year in Review

After seeing continual growth in the roofing industry year after year, forecasters anticipate a decline. However, the market in the U.S. is still larger than $45 billion in size and the decline is fairly insignificant compared to the overall economy. With roofing being critical to all families and businesses, we are blessed to be part of this industry alongside of you.

2021 Forecast

So, what does tomorrow hold? No one knows for certain; however, we do know things will improve over time.

An area of anticipated growth in this market, whether residential or commercial, is in roofing “technology”. Specifically, cool roof technology that reduces energy costs while also being environmentally friendly in multiple ways. Installation of solar options and improved use of technology for conducting inspections are also anticipated to grow steadily throughout the next 5 years.

Roofing companies that can position themselves ahead of their competitors have the potential to accelerate their growth and emerge in a position of industry leadership. As in any time of economic fluctuation, there are huge growth opportunities for companies that can anticipate change and proactively address anticipated need.

As an organization, Top Roof Marketing first thanks you for the confidence you have shown us over the years. Secondly, we remind you we are here, working in partnership with your roofing company, to develop and implement the best marketing program to catapult you and your team ahead of the game in 2021.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to You and Your Business!

How to Stay Visible Online

This year has thrown many companies curveballs that disrupted their traditional marketing methods. While many have steered towards digital advertising, it is important to know to use each online strategy properly to get tangible results.

While Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms used by marketers, Facebook is beginning to see a decline. Over the last two years, Facebook has lost its position as being the most influential social media platform. So, what does that mean for online advertising?

Platforms to Invest Resources In

The first thing our team at Top Roof Marketing suggests is to start a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan. If you have not done so yet, there is no time to waste. We’ve seen the trend this year turn highly towards digital avenues, and with SEO you don’t have to pay for costly clicks each time someone visits your website. Learn more about our approach to SEO at the following link: Search Engine Optimization for Commercial Roofing Contractors.

The next platform that we suggest looking into is YouTube. Not only is YouTube popular among many different demographics, it’s a great way to showcase your experience in the commercial roofing arena. Your customers can view your safety, professionalism, and expertise in a quick video that can then be uploaded to your website, other social media platforms, and even newsletters!

But let’s not forget the importance of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is full of untapped potential for commercial roofing contractors. After all, you are wanting to showcase your expertise to other business owners – many of which utilize LinkedIn regularly. If you have not created your LinkedIn business page, you should highly consider making it a priority.

The final solution that we suggest is Instagram. As mentioned above with YouTube, Instagram allows potential customers to view your work and see the quality that you provide building owners in your area. We find visuals to be among the most powerful tools to earn trust and generate inbound leads.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Having a robust social media marketing plan, mixed with Search Engine Optimization to further boost your visibility in Google search results, can help your business:

  • Increase Exposure
  • Increase Traffic
  • Generate Leads
  • Develop Trusted Reputation

To learn more about how Top Roof Marketing can help you create a trusted online strategy, reach out to our team. You can contact us at 800-795-2187 and we’ll provide you with a detailed assessment to find the best ways your company can generate more business by increasing your online visibility.

How to Secure Commercial Roofing Leads

Are you a new contractor feeling overwhelmed with trying to figure out the best way to secure commercial roofing leads? Maybe you have been focusing on residential leads and want to make a switch to commercial, but you’re not sure where to begin. That’s where Top Roof Marketing comes in!

We have the experience needed to help your commercial roofing company stand out! Our trusted strategies have put new and established commercial roofing contractors on the path to success (and we can prove it with our many years of great reviews posted online). To learn more, read on or give us a call at 800-795-2187.

Generating Commercial Roofing Leads

Would you believe us if we told you that commercial roofing leads are easier to secure than residential? You’re probably imagining all the residential properties in your area and comparing them to the amount of commercial properties. But one thing you might be missing in the picture is the number of roofing companies targeting residential homeowners. Many markets are saturated with residential roofing contractors, but not nearly as many commercial roofing contractors. Right off the bat, you immediately cut down your competition!

So how exactly do you get in front of the decision makers?

Proven Marketing Strategies for Commercial Roofing

The first thing to understand is there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for marketing. What we will do at Top Roof Marketing is help determine the budget you’re working with and the turnaround time you expect to get leads. There are marketing strategies that will work immediately (like brochures and direct mail), and others that take time to generate leads but are more effective longer term (like websites and search engine optimization).

Most established commercial roofing contractors do minimal advertising. Why? Because they already have an established client base and work off referrals for new business. That’s great news for you! This leaves an open window for you to secure new leads with marketing strategies.

We suggest the following to help your company stand out:

  • A custom-built website that is unique to your company
    • Instill confidence in your professionalism with the very first impression they get of your company
  • Direct mail targeting business owners and property managers
    • Professional designs with targeted marketing will help you stand out and get your marketing material to the decision makers
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Our SEO strategies integrate keywords that we know get traffic. We’ll help you increase your organic website traffic within the first 3-6 months, then keep impressing you from there as more and more content is produced on an ongoing basis.
  • Customized branding
    • Your brochures, business cards, proposition letters, presentation folders, and other branded material should all work together to help you stand out from the crowd.

Call to Learn More

If you’re ready to get started in the commercial roofing industry, our specialized team members are standing by to help you stand out from the crowd and generate more leads. Give us a call at 800-795-2187 to start today!

Creating a Digital Accessibility Policy for Your Organization

As the world continues to advance and digital communications become a key part of every organization, digital accessibility becomes more and more needed. Organizations committed to accessibility need to enact a policy to be digitally accessible. This policy includes affirming that your company is committed to having an inclusive digital footprint – including websites, webchats, PDF documents, invoices, mobile applications, job applications, and more.

Providing your clients, employees, and audience accessible access to your organization starts with a digital accessibility plan for your website. Creating a digital presence that is accessible to all will allow your organization to reach its full potential. Top Roof Marketing is here to help you create an accessible online presence! Call 800-795-2187 to learn how easy it can be with our help.

Companies have been and can be sued if they do not have an accessible website. It is vital as we continue to progress into a hyper-digital age that your website is functional for all users, not just those without accessibility needs.

Step one: Learn the basics

When creating a digital accessibility plan, start first by understanding what it means to have an accessible website. Understanding the differences between accessible and inaccessible will help you draft a plan for your organization’s policy. Consider the following:

  • What is required to be accessible?
  • How does color contrast play a role in web accessibility?
  • How does assistive technology get around your content?
  • Do your online videos have auto-play options and captions?
  • Have I reviewed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)?

Once you have taken the time to learn the basics, it is time to define the requirements.

Step two: Define digital accessibility requirements for your organization

From day one, it is important to define the expectations of what your organization requires for your policy. Consider your employees, clients, online audience, and any others who utilize your digital applications. Determine what each person will need to have full accessibility to your digital presence. But don’t stress if you don’t have all the answers — you don’t have to undertake this process alone. Our team members are here to help you understand your accessibility needs and implement them.

Step three: Hire developers and vendors with digital accessibility experience

Not all website developers have knowledge about digital accessibility. We have solutions that will work alongside your existing website to create the desired experience for your users. You can leverage our knowledge to take on your organization’s digital accessibility policy.

Our developers have experience in digital accessibility and can help you create a plan. We would love to help your company transition your existing digital presence to properly comply with ADA requirements.

Step four: Prepare an accessibility statement

Creating an accessibility statement is a powerful declaration to your employees, clients, and vendors that your company is committed to web accessibility. Your statement should be clear, concise, and define all the methods used to explain the level of accessibility your users can expect. Don’t worry, our team can help you prepare this as well!

Step five: Plan for ongoing maintenance with accessibility experts

Once your digital accessibility is in place, the project is not finished. Instead, your organization should ensure that you have regular accessibility checks and ongoing maintenance with Top Roof Marketing. As the business develops, you will want to make sure that your accessibility efforts do not lag.

Final Thoughts

As your organization begins the process to create a digital accessibility policy, remember you are not alone. Our team at Top Roof Marketing has already learned the key aspects of digital accessibility and can lend a hand.

Taking the step to have a fully accessible website will not only benefit your organization, but it will also benefit your audiences, including people with disabilities.

Call 800-795-2187 to get started today.