How NOT to Market Yourself in the Commercial Roofing Industry

commercial-roofing-adviceGetting your business services in front of the right people can be a complicated task. For many commercial roofers, it’s nearly impossible to rely solely on word-of-mouth advertising for steady work and growth. Either way, no matter how skilled of a team you’ve assembled, or how well you demonstrate customer service, you can’t turn a profit if no one knows about you. In this day and age, marketing is king.

Instead of the usual, “How to Market Your Business,” we’ll provide some tips on how NOT to market yourself. Avoid the following no-no’s like the plague:

1. Waiting too late in the year to send out direct mailers. Most building owners will have picked a commercial roofer by the end of summer, and sometimes even earlier. Don’t procrastinate getting your mailers together.

2. Along similar lines, don’t wait too long to do any advertising or outreach at all. Time is money, after all, and if you’re not actively marketing yourself, you’re losing ground and opportunities to the competition. The key to be both timely and consistent.

3. Marketing may be king, but commoners are still necessary to run a kingdom. In other words, don’t rely ONLY upon marketing and advertising to land commercial jobs. Times have changed, but this is still an old school market at heart. Your own initiative is both necessary and worthwhile. By combining marketing and advertising with good ol’ fashion pounding the pavement, you’ll greatly up your chances for success.

4. Thinking one singular strategy or one marketing initiative is going to be enough. The best results come when marketing campaigns are strategically blended together — for example, sending direct mail out to building owners, facility mangers, and property management groups, and then following up with those prospects with cold calling after they’ve received the direct mail. Chances are, the first time someone sees your name, they’ll move on without engaging. It’s the second and third attempts that tend to pay dividends.

5. Don’t be timid. Even if you’re uncomfortable in social situations, you’re going to need to network with local business owners. Go to local meetings where prospects for jobs are likely to meet (real estate broker events, chamber of commerce events, etc.) and mention to your existing contacts about roofing services offered. Don’t be afraid to engage in cold calling either, whether in person at strategic locations or over the phone.

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Following the advice above will greatly increase your chances for success. A prosperous business combines a talented workforce and great marketing. One without the other will only get you so far.

We hope these tips help you. If you’re looking for a company that truly understands your market and can provide the best outreach strategies, contact our team.

Top Roof Marketing is a full-service firm that focuses on the commercial roofing industry and has helped dozens of companies achieve greater success through proven tactics. Because we offer all services, you never have to worry about us swaying you a certain way. For more info, call us at 800-795-2087.

The Importance of Commercial Roofing Marketing in Springtime

Today’s blog post covers a staple in the commercial roofing industry: commercial roofing marketing.

Marketing – it’s one of those buzzwords that commercial roofing companies come across often. Of course it’s a key foundation for any commercial roofing company, regardless of how established they are. But when are the best times to engage in marketing for the best return on investment (ROI)?

In a nutshell, the best time frame is just before and during the springtime. It’s a time period in which companies, building owners, and facility managers are determining their budget priorities for the year. And the notable changes in weather patterns during this time of year has a tremendous impact on commercial roofing sales. Efforts should center on capitalizing on these weather changes for maximum roofing job opportunities.

Let’s cover in more detail why these factors make the springtime so critical for commercial roofing contractor marketing – and how you can leverage them for your own benefit, too.

Strengthening Your Business with Springtime Roofing Marketing

Here are a few real-world factors which impact the timing of roofing contractor marketing.

The effects of the winter season.

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There are many winter effects which can compromise a commercial roof’s performance. This is especially true when a roof is getting close to the end of its service life. Here are just a few wintertime factors which have been known to contribute to a roof’s demise:

• Heavy snowfall
• Pronounced temperature lows
• Lingering snow and debris on a roof
• Freeze-and-thaw cycles throughout the season
• Extreme temperature fluctuations
• Ice dams

These winter effects are hard on commercial roofs. They can bring up new roofing issues or make old problems even worse. For instance, as warmer weather comes about, snow piles on a flat roof system could turn into ponding water. Let’s say this roof does not have proper drainage. As the snow melts, this resulting water can linger and put undue stress on the flat roof system – which gives way to leaks or other costly damage. In these instances, customers will need roofing companies to handle these needs.

Increased rainfall.
In the springtime, climate patterns tend to include more rainfall. With this heavier rainfall, storm activity can pick up – including hail, powerful winds, and rain itself. This storm activity can wreak havoc on commercial roofs. For instance, the National Weather Service estimates that hail alone – just one part of storm related damage – accounts for $1 billion in property damages nationwide each year. And water damage is attributable to millions of dollars in countrywide property damages, as well.

In short, this storm activity can compromise a roof’s performance. Technical equipment, business inventory, and other valuable assets could be at risk. With the pickup in storm activity, the demand for commercial roofing services goes up. And roofing companies that did marketing and got prospective customers’ attention at this time can benefit.

Decision-making in the new year.
When their roofs are having trouble, building owners and managers will set aside funds to resolve these issues. As mentioned above, winter effects and increased storm activity are likely to create new issues or make old ones worse.

As a new year rolls in, it’s not unusual for these decision-makers to begin making decisions about who is going to service their roof. After all, they’re just coming off the winter season. And they need these issues addressed before springtime storms begin rolling in. For best results, it’s advisable for roofing companies to engage in marketing efforts at this time. That way they get these prospects’ attention when their focus is on their roof – and when they are consciously looking for a solution to their roofing problems.

What Are Effective Commercial Roofing Marketing Strategies?

commercial marketing ideasFor roofing contractors, there are many effective vehicles by which to engage building owners and facility managers. With a strategic blend of real-world and digital marketing efforts, contractors can open up new job prospects.

These marketing strategies include:

• Direct mail and telemarketing campaigns
• Business cards, handouts, and other print materials for in-person networking
• Websites and social media for when people look for roofing companies online
• Email marketing for digital outreach to customer prospects
• Local online directories with company listings and locations

These marketing methods can be blended together and used for greater local market gains. And if you want to delegate your marketing to a marketing firm so you can focus on your roofing business – make sure your marketing firm understands the commercial roofing industry.

Gauging the Effectiveness of Direct Mail for Roofers

direct mail mapDirect mailers are one way of bringing in the roofing leads. You can target specific areas and customize your lead demographics. But as we discussed in a previous blog post, direct mail’s results depend heavily on precise lead targeting. And that means that factors such as the mailing list need to be of good quality.

Here are a few other things to consider when you’re considering your direct mail needs.

Who will be receiving the mail piece?

One of the first questions to ask is who will be receiving your mailer. Some mailing companies champion the value of getting mailers into the hands of building owners. But this one-size-fits-all approach is hardly completely effective in all cases.

  • Oftentimes building owners are investors who are out-of-the-loop
  • Many of these figureheads do business out-of-state and aren’t around to fret over such specific details
  • Building owners can have many buildings – they don’t worry about those property assets’ day-to-day operations and maintenance decisions
  • These building owners often hire property managers or on-site plant managers to handle these details for them – and so the property overseers are the final decision-makers for roofing needs

These are just a few reasons of why targeting building owners alone isn’t effective.

What about the mailing company?

Aside from lead targeting, there are a few other things to consider about your mailing company. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Ask the mailing company where its data comes from

◦ If they say they compile their own data, make sure the company is able to spend the millions of dollars it takes to compile accurate information nationwide

◦ If they lack these resources and are misrepresenting themselves – it’s time to start looking for a new mailing company that is actually honest

Be sure to ask how often their data is updated and about their method of verifying data

◦ It’s important to judge whether this method of data verification is accurate

◦ Data updates will definitely have a big impact on your mailer campaign ROI – be sure it’s current!

All in all, it’s advisable to take time to research the company fully before making any decision.

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At Top Roof Marketing, we’ve taken the time to learn these ins-and-outs and have selected a top-tier data provider to maximize results (click for more info on InfoGroup). It’s another way of making sure our clients get the best service. And we offer effective direct mail campaigns and other tested-and-proven print and digital marketing campaigns to help you bring in the leads. You can count on our knowledge, expertise, and dedication for your commercial roofing company’s needs.

To learn more about how we can serve you, give us a call today at (800) 795-2187. We look forward to hearing from you and to the possibility of earning your business!

Discounts on 2015 Direct Mail Campaigns

Happy 2015! Top Roof Marketing has enjoyed a great 2014 and we sincerely hope you have as well.

direct mail mapThis past year, we helped our clients send out over a quarter million pieces of mail. To show our appreciation to all of you who referred us, we’re offering discounts to all new and existing clients between $50 and $150 for every direct mail campaign this year.

While many of us are still in the thick of winter, roofing season is fast approaching. Now is the time to start thinking about your direct mail campaigns.

One way Top Roof Marketing has been increasing response:

1. After mailings have been sent out, we contact clients to see how many calls were received.
2. We use this data to further refine the mailer design for better results.
3. We also start to think of new mailer ideas based on the best results. Our out-of-the-box thinking has led to increased success for our clients.

To help us achieve these goals, we have created a map showing where other commercial roof contractors are sending out their mailers. You can see that map by clicking on the graphic below.

direct mail mapThis map of mailings achieves two main things:

1. It helps us improve the quality and efficiency of our service. We can easily see where our clients are overlapping or where opportunities may exist.
2. It helps our clients protect their service areas (by encouraging others to market elsewhere) and increase their response rate from building owners.

We’re able to track when and where mailers are being sent out. We use this information to help you decide on the best time and locations to send out new mailers. There’s no point in sending out a mailer on the same day as another contractor in your area.

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In other words, you don’t want your hard work and money becoming lost in the shuffle of mail, especially mail from your competitors. Our service helps roofing contractors stand out from the crowd and get the attention they deserve. If two clients are in the same area, we’ll help them work together to select separate areas.

Our team is focused on delivering the greatest degree of success possible. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our service and help you better reach your target audience.

Give us a call today to get the wheels turning on your 2015 direct mail campaign: (800) 795-2187.

How to Get Found on Local Web Searches

local seo roofingNowadays millions of consumers are searching online for local businesses in their areas. This has led to a change in the business marketing landscape. The use of search engines like Google to find relevant information has become a major factor in having an effective online presence.

As a result, just having a website isn’t enough. A roofing company website needs to be “optimized” for local search. Or in other words, it should show up well in search results when local terms such as “roofing contractor Augusta Georgia” or “flat roof repair northeast Ohio” are used. Roofing companies that incorporate this will have a strong edge over competitors.

Follow the Numbers

If this is unconvincing, it’s a worth a look at the numbers. Here are a few reasons why local search is important:

• 80+ million people are looking for information online in the U.S. alone
• 3 billion searches done per month include localized terms, such as city, state, or regional references
• Over 90% of online searches have local business information content from social media platforms like Facebook
• Over 50% of mobile users seek out local information online

As a result, if a roofing business isn’t easily found online, the outcome is undeniable. That roofing contractor is missing out on several business opportunities that could come from online information-seekers.

Strengthen Online Presence

There are many local search strategies which a commercial roofing contractor can take to bolster his or her online presence. Here are a few effective ones:

Routinely produce new, consumer-friendly content. One powerful way to boost a website’s search engine results is regular content production. A company blog is an ideal medium for getting new, engaging content on your website. Publishing a blog post weekly will do more than just satisfy consumer demand for quality information. If the blog post has geographic terms in its content, it will also help the website perform better in local search engine rankings.

Understand “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). SEO is an important component of any online marketing efforts. Make sure your website is optimized for local search. Your page titles, URLs, content, links, and headers should be optimized for keywords that consumers use when looking for local roofing companies.

Embrace longer keyboard phrases that include local terms. When it comes to selecting keywords, it’s in your interest to include long keyword phrases, or “long-tail keyword phrases.” Why? Because they are an effective strategy for promoting local search. When you’re going to include geographic terms in your keyword phrases, use variations of location names. Examples of this include “Atlanta, Georgia,” “central Georgia,” and “Atlanta metro.”

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Increasing amounts of mobile users are looking for local businesses online (over half now). Your website should be “mobile-optimized,” or able to seen easily on mobile device screens, so it reaps the benefits of connecting with these mobile information-seekers.

These are just a few methods you can incorporate to move a roofing company website from online anonymity to first-page Google results.

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The online marketing landscape is constantly changing. It helps to have access to knowledgeable marketing professionals who can provide guidance on these evolving trends. And with a capable marketing firm handling your company’s needs, you’re free to turn your attention on what’s more important: growing your business at hand.

Top Roof Marketing is the only nationwide marketing firm with an exclusive focus on the commercial roofing industry. Backed by hundreds of hours of research and a number of innovations, our team is fully committed to client needs. And since we understand the dynamics of the commercial roofing industry, we’ll help you come up with online and real-world marketing strategies that get results. Our team is also just a phone call away if you need personalized support.

To learn more about how we can serve you, call us today at (800) 795-2187. We look forward to earning your business, starting with our first interaction!

The Importance of Online Local Directories for Commercial Roofing Marketing

online directoriesWhen you need a service provider in your area, where do you go? Not the yellow pages unless you’re aggressively anti-technology. The answer, of course, is most likely Google. Perhaps even Bing or Yahoo. These search engines are one-stop shops that are perfect for finding anything you need – they are the modern day yellow pages, only much better.

Now, imagine a local business owner in Cincinnati, Ohio who has a roof leak. They head to Google and search for “Commercial Roof Repair Cincinnati OH.” What do they find? Do they find you on the first few search results? Google and other search engines have complex algorithms that determine the order websites are listed after someone performs a search. The details of those algorithms are far too mundane, but when someone searches for the aforementioned phrase, what they’ll likely see is a front page filled with local business directories such as Super Pages, Yelp, and Angie’s List. These online local business directories are the real 21st century yellow pages.

Maximizing Online Lead Opportunities

lead generation funnelThe internet has made information so easy to find that most of us never venture past the first page of results. Perhaps to a fault, we trust Google almost completely. We’ll click on the top few search results, which will often be online business directories containing contact information for local companies. The first business that has good reviews often gets the phone call. At the very least, they’ll receive a website visit or at least some memory space in that business owner’s mind. So the question becomes: How do you get on those online directories? How do you get that client?

First, let’s start with which directories we’re talking about. Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, and Bing Business are the big three. If you’re a local business, you need your name in these online directories. Fortunately, the top three online business directories are operated by the three biggest search engine companies. While common search phrases (like “roof leak repair”) will undoubtedly return results of company websites, the reason you can always count on Google+ Local showing up when you use Google’s search engine is fairly obvious. The same can be said for Yahoo Local and Bing Business. The decision to list your business on these online directories then becomes a pretty easy one to make. If your roofing company isn’t listed in those directories, you’re not doing everything you can to be found online, and potential clients likely won’t even know you exist.

So back to our question: How do you become listed on online local business directories such as Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, and Bing Business? The answer is you – you simply have to take the time to list yourself or find someone else to do it for you. Every business is fighting for attention online – the more “real estate” you take up (i.e., pages with information relating to your company), the stronger your online presence will be. Not only is listing yourself on these directories important, but accurately, consistently, and completely filling in your information can be the difference between booking a new client and missing out. To get yourself as high as possible on these lists, it is important to have your company name, location, description, and contact information filled out in full.

What Actions Can You Take Today?

1. List your commercial roofing business on multiple directories, especially popular ones. We always do at least 50 of them for all our website clients at no additional charge because of how important they are.
2. Make sure all your listings are consistent. In other words, all of the information in the listings themselves must be the same across all online directories.
3. If you change locations, phone number, or anything else relevant to your potential clients, make sure to update your company listings accordingly and promptly.
4. Encourage customers to leave reviews for you on these websites. After all, wouldn’t you choose the company who has even just one positive review over a company with none?

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We understand this is a lot to deal with. As with roofing, there’s a lot of work that goes into building and maintaining your online presence. That’s where we come in. As a marketing firm that’s focused exclusively on the commercial roofing industry, Top Roof Marketing can help you with your online needs. We understand the dynamics and nuances of the commercial roofing market, and our dedicated experts will work with you to develop a professional, online presence.

We can help you optimize your presence online and craft that needed professional image. This is achieved not only through online local directories but also through full-service website design that delivers a clean and professional image. To see websites we’ve done in the past, visit our Website Portfolio page.

Top Roof Marketing is the solution you’ve been looking for. With the amount of attention we can help you receive, you can turn that local business owner in need of commercial roof repair into your newest client. Give us a call today at (800) 795-2187.

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Marketing Company

marketing questionHiring anyone to do an important job can be intimidating if you are unsure of the right questions to ask. Getting answers to the right questions can make this important decision easier and can help to avoid future disappointments when it comes to desired results or price. Roofing marketing companies are similar to general marketing companies, but specifically cater to the roofing industry and so questions asked before hiring should address both marketing abilities as well as knowledge of the roofing industry.

Marketing Questions

There are many important questions to ask, including those surrounding background and qualifications. You need to know that the company has the ability to handle current and future needs and that they are capable of growing with your company. Ask questions that will address not only the marketing expertise, but also how successful past and current clients have been at achieving goals. In order to discover answers to these questions, the marketing company agent should be able and willing to share a current portfolio of work as well as complete references so you can verify their answers. Good questions to ask include:

  • What type of clients have you been working with over the past year?
  • What type of projects have you done within the last 6 months?
  • Can you handle a full marketing package or do you only specialize in certain areas of marketing?
  • How many clients do you typically work with at the same time?
  • Do you provide ongoing services?

Roofing Questions

  • Does the marketing company representative feel that the company understands roofing products? If so, why?
  • How long have they been dealing with clients in the roofing industry?
  • Another good thing to find out when making inquiries is to ascertain where the marketing staff turns when they need to know industry information. Do they have contact with a roofing expert so that the marketing material they create is credible to the roofers?

General Hiring Questions

General hiring questions that are important to ask before hiring a roofing marketing company should include questions that consumers should always ask before making any large dollar purchasing commitment such as:

  • What is the reputation of the company and can the reputation be found easily such as reviews listed by previous customers on the company website, on Angie’s list, or on
  • Is the company listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has the owner of the company provided information on the BBB website that puts a consumer at ease when dealing with the company?
  • What can I expect regarding response time when I call in with questions?
  • What can I expect regarding turnaround time for projects?


The questions you ask before hiring a roofing marketing company should be three-fold:

  1. General Questions that pertain to the marketing company that will reveal needed information about the stability of the company, trustworthiness and can also help you to determine what it will be like to work with them.
  2. Marketing and roofing questions are more specific in nature and will give you the information you need to decide if they are a good fit in regards to promoting your company.
  3. Make sure that you ask questions that help you to compare how they stack up to other competing companies for your business. Compare price, mix of product and services, and also experience and recommendations.

Now that you know the best questions to ask, you should feel more confident about hiring a roofing marketing company.

What No One Tells You about Effective Roofing Marketing

Nowadays, there are so many marketing strategies, it is hard to keep track of them all. Commercial roofing contractors are constantly bombarded with them. They get explanations of how a particular marketing strategy is “guaranteed” to get them the roofing leads they need.

Of course, there is no such thing as a guaranteed marketing success. But when different marketing strategies are carefully considered based on past data, blended together, and well-timed in their execution, there are much greater opportunities for not only bringing in leads, but also ones of higher-quality. When it comes to marketing, though, there is one critical thing that roofing contractors are not told, but that is essential to keep in mind.

The One Secret Ingredient Behind the Best Marketing Strategies for Roofing Companies

marketing questionThis key tenet is the following: “All marketing strategies and plans for executing them should be tailored to the commercial roofing industry itself.”

In other words, a marketing campaign should be geared toward the dynamics of the commercial roofing industry itself; namely the following realities or trends:

• Decision-making about restoring or replacing a commercial roof is typically a long, drawn-out process
• Because building owners can spend potentially tens of thousands of dollars, they are not likely to make decision about their roof in the moment or on the spot
• Marketing strategies and content should be geared toward telling a building owner specifically about how a contractor offers value, why his products are solid performers, and the benefits of all of this for the building owner
• There is no one-size-fits-all marketing solution for getting the attention of prospects
• Marketing strategies that have “proven records” in other industries are not a surefire guarantee of effectiveness in commercial roofing marketing

If a marketing professional or a marketing and advertising firm is trying to sell you on a particular marketing strategy or method, keep an eye out. It is advisable to see how beneficial the terms of the contract the marketing service or strategy would require would be for you.

If you would be forced to be locked into the contract for a year or longer, or if the contract would call for a huge baseline amount of something (e.g., thousands of “impressions”, or how many times an advertisement or promotion for your roofing company is seen), that company may not be acting in your interest. Also, marketing firms that are not willing to customize their service offerings or support to your needs or industry are to be avoided. They likely will not be the best marketing advocates for your company, either.

A Few Examples of Ineffective Roofing Marketing in Action

Here are a few quick real world examples in which the core principle mentioned above is not being implemented.

ineffective marketing• A marketing firm offers to sell a contractor mobile banner ads. Banner ads run the gamut of the advertising world. They are diverse, and for the most part, they are not a good fit for the commercial roofing industry. Why? Mobile banner ads are about compelling consumers into impulsive purchases or buying decisions. With a commercial roof, however, thousands of dollars are at stake, and building owners likely will not rush in making up their mind about the roofing contractor they will choose. Because of the cost burden dynamics of commercial roofing, the buyer decision-making process is slower than other markets, and mobile banner ads’ “in the moment” are not conducive toward generating sales.

• A roofing contractor is given the option of taking a “spray and pray” approach with his direct mail campaign. Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing methods for roofing contractors. But using an unqualified mailing list for a direct mail campaign is likely to lead to only frustration and wasted precious advertising dollars. Why? Because the list is so untargeted. With a spray and pray approach, your direct mail pieces might get into the hands of people who do not want your services, such as local government offices (these locations often have very strict “no solicitation” policies). To better understand this, think of it in other ways—would a home remodeling company get many leads if its direct mail went to locations like small businesses or corporate headquarters? In that context, it is easy to see why targeted direct mail campaigns are so important.

• A marketing firm offers to design a top-of-the-line, customized mobile app for a roofing company. On the surface, this may seem like a great idea. After all, the more people you can get to download your company app and use it, the better, right? However, generally speaking, a roofing company with a mobile app likely will not be that productive or cost-effective. Here is why. In both the residential and commercial roofing industries, people look for roofing companies in two cases: when their roof is on their mind, or when it has problems that need caretaking. They are not likely to use an app store to find a roofing company for their needs. And if they go with a roofing company and download the company’s app while they are engaging that company’s services, after the job is finished, they likely will no longer use the app. In turn, that can translate into a big loss for the roofing company, in terms of dollars and time spent on having the app developed. After all, the company will not be getting any value from the app if customers do not continue to use it after their roofing job is complete.

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At Top Roof Marketing, we have spent hundreds of man-hours looking at data and researching what works and does not work for the commercial roofing industry. Because we have handled so many marketing campaigns for commercial roofing companies of all sizes, we understand what is truly effective in this market space.

The premium we place on our clients’ success and satisfaction is huge, too. You will be hard-pressed to find a full-service marketing firm that is as dedicated to your needs and accountable for its services as our team is.

To learn more about how Top Roof Marketing can help you position your roofing company for success, give us a call today at (800) 795-2187. We look forward to earning your trust and business, starting with our first conversation about your needs!

Getting Roofing Leads with a Marketing Funnel

Roofing leads—they are one of the staples of the roofing industry. Aside from getting new work from referrals, quality leads are a big part of how roofing contractors draw in new business.

lead generation funnelBut in crowded markets such as big metropolitan areas, there are many roofing companies that are vying for attention. That can make it a little difficult for a roofing company to stand out from its competitors. The competitiveness of the roofing industry is well-reflected on a national scale as well. According to a recent market research report from IBIS World, there are almost 100,000 businesses in the United States roofing industry, in which over 286,000 people are involved. In the face of these statistics, what should a local roofing company do to draw more leads to its services?

A time-proven strategy for bringing in and cultivating leads is developing and maintaining a marketing funnel. In a nutshell, a marketing funnel is a carefully-constructed system for drawing in prospects to your company, engaging and educating them about your value, making a connection with them, and then converting them into paying customers.

The Marketing Funnel: A Great Approach for Attracting Solid Roofing Leads

Another way to think of a marketing funnel is in steps. In a simplified model, it is a process that details the customer lifecycle and what a customer is at different stages, which is simply illustrated in the following:


A lead is when a potential customer has a need for roofing services and first learns of your company and its value. This first step is of market education, in which a prospect becomes informed about your brand and is looking for someone to take care of their needs. It involves using strategies and marketing methods to attract prospects who are looking for a roofing service provider, but have not decided upon someone for their needs.

The second stage, when a lead moves from being just a cold potential buyer to someone who is aware of your company brand and what it has to offer, is when someone becomes a prospect. Selling the lead on the merits of your company, and showcasing your expertise and ways you have helped other customers, becomes the focal point here. In the roofing industry, an effective marketing campaign would incorporate marketing materials and digital communications that clearly demonstrate your expertise and background, show clear images of work done, and illustrate how you are an effective answer for a consumer’s project demands.

The third stage is when a lead chooses a service provider and becomes a buyer. This third component of the sales funnel involves keeping the customer as a repeat buyer, or someone who keeps coming back to you for servicing. For roofing contractors, this stage is a different dynamic from other markets, as once a roof is taken care of, it will likely not need major work done again for decades. However, to ensure that the customer does not have any major problems with their roof, the customer needs an ongoing roof maintenance program to keep issues at bay. That is where a roofing contractor can keep a customer as an ongoing, loyal brand consumer.

However, a customer may also have other roofs to service, and they may also give additional work to a contractor in the form of helpful referrals given to friends. So, in other words, this stage will not require marketing materials or campaigns, but actually involve keeping the customer happy with the quality of the service and workmanship provided. As the old chestnut goes: “A happy customer is a customer for life.”

Every customer proceeds through this lifecycle, and it is invaluable for understanding how the roof market works and how to grow your customer base to new heights.

Every Stage Tailored toward Sales Conversion

In the end, a marketing funnel is a blend of effective planning, strategizing, and information delivery. At every stage of the marketing funnel, there are key methods for strategically connecting the prospective buyer to compelling information and selling points that drive them more towards sales conversion. In each step, the customer is given just enough information to further capture their interest and move them toward hiring a roofing company for their needs.

The information is presented in a way that is crisp, compelling, and exactly tailored to the customer at the stage they are at. In short, effective marketing strategies deliver exactly the right amount of information in a compelling manner to the customer to where it satisfies their needs at that point, whether it is becoming educated, being helped to make a decision about a service provider, or being compelled to use a service provider over and over again.

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Because roofing contractors are constantly busy working on new projects or chasing down leads, sometimes an effective lead generation campaign can be enhanced with the help of a professional marketing firm. A professional marketing team will have a solid track record for results, be truly committed to its clients’ unique needs and desires, and be prepared to offer marketing services that are carefully tailored to each client’s unique demands.

At Top Roof Marketing, we take every one of our clients’ needs very seriously. We are also the only nationwide marketing firm dedicated solely to meeting the marketing needs of commercial roofing contractors. Each client marketing campaign is carefully backed by hundreds of hours of research and marketing campaign creation and operation. We can afford to do this at unrealistically low prices because our due diligence always applies to the same market.

Should you want a free consultation, don’t hesitate to reach us at (800) 795-2187. An online portfolio is available for showcasing what we’ve worked carefully on for our clientele, along with testimonials of how we’ve helped our clients achieve success.

Mailing List Quality: The First Step toward Getting the Best Response

Direct mail. It is one of the marketing staples of the commercial roofing industry. With it, commercial roofing contractors can quickly identify, target, and pull in quality roofing leads in a short period of time.

However, not all marketing firms or direct mail service providers are equal in the level of service they provide, or in their ability to achieve results that matter. How does a roofing contractor fan out the great service providers from the mediocre and those notorious fly-by-night ones?

The First Indicator of a Roofing Marketing Company’s Effectiveness

One way to identify marketing firms that will be committed to your needs or effective in their direct mailing services is to look at the quality of their mailing lists. For gaining strong insights into a marketing company’s mailing list quality, nothing beats good detective work, and that involves asking the right questions. Things to be privy of include:

  • The provider of the mailing list to be used
  • The reputation of the mailing list provider
  • The accuracy and completion of the mailing list provider’s addressee database
  • How effective and flexible the mailing list is for specific targeting
  • The marketing company’s track record with other commercial roofers
  • The knowledge and expertise of the marketing company in commercial roofing
  • The extent of the services that the marketing company offers
  • The marketing company’s attention to detail

After all, the quality of a mailing list plays a huge role in the number of calls you will get—and even those leads’ quality. In short, a mailing list is a big dealbreaker for whether a direct mail campaign is a success or a flop.

Our Commitment to Every Client’s Success Story

At Top Roof Marketing, we don’t treat our commercial roofing clients as if they are just another account. We are completely committed to every one of our client’s success, and it shows in the amount of work we’ve put into making sure even the smallest details are accounted for. Here’s how.

Top Roof Marketing and Mailing List Provider

It begins with our search for the best-quality mailing list. Top Roof Marketing carefully and fully investigated all the major, well-respected companies that provide mailing lists for guaranteed quality, solid affordability, and all-around strong performance.

After a close examination, we chose and currently work with the highly-respected Infogroup®, a list provider with over 40 years of exceptional results-providing to clients throughout the United States and abroad. Among other things, Infogroup has:

  • A database of 17+ million businesses which can be drilled down by type, number of employees, exact location, and more
  • 230+ million consumers listed in database as well, which can be drilled down by age, location, and more
  • Gives open access to its database
  • Has the most complete and accurate database of all mailing list providers
  • Company system gives the most flexibility for highly-precise lead targeting
  • Fantastic track record with commercial roofing contractors
  • Great pricing on servicing, which gives our clients a noticeably smaller cost per lead

In fact, Infogroup’s database is so accessible and powerful, we can see how many leads are in a given area instantly and target by city, county, or radius. We can provide any area of coverage you need, too—whether it’s a rectangle, oval, or any shape of coverage your needs dictate.

Why Precise Lead Targeting Is So Important

To understand why precise lead targeting is essential, it’s helpful to consider this in practice in other industries.

  • It’d be unproductive to send direct mailers about lawn mowing services to apartment residents.
  • You wouldn’t get great results from sending direct mailers advertising home remodeling services to people at corporate business offices.
  • Sending direct mailers about pediatric dental services to single men or women isn’t likely to get the best results.

So the same rule applies in commercial roofing. We’ve the capability to ensure that your direct mail gets into the right consumer hands; the people who are the most likely to engage your services.

What Else Stands Out about Top Roof Marketing’s Commercial Roofing Direct Mail?

  • We deal with all details of your direct mailer campaign from start to finish
  • Our team has specialized, expert knowledge of the commercial roofing industry
  • Our direct mail designs are based upon hours of careful research and design perfecting
  • Your direct mailer will stand out from the countless other mailers fighting for attention
  • We know what makes building owners pick up the phone and call

What Others are Saying

  • “Last year we got quite a number of calls from people looking for roof repair, shingled roofs and small jobs that we don’t do, so this is definitely a higher quality of callbacks. Jonathan (Top Roof’s owner) did an awesome job in helping us figure out a strategic advertising campaign. Highly recommend them!” – Viola Borntrager, A-Team Coatings, Wisconsin.
  • “I was very impressed with the number of calls I got off my first mailing. Never did one before and Top Roof Marketing did a great job making a custom logo and answering all my questions. We got 19 calls off 5,000 mailers and one contract was sign on the spot. Also very happy with the service and plan on doing another mailing soon!” – Raymond Beachy, Beachy Roofing Service, Michigan.
  • “Recently Top Roof Marketing did some direct mail for me and the results were very good. I had 10 calls in the first 3 days and 80% of those calls were good solid leads. Their brochures are very informative and clean. The contacts already knew what we are selling and basically told me they want an estimate asap. I would recommend this company to anyone.” – Andrew Slabaugh, Walker Valley Roof Coatings, Virginia.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy marketing company that is fully committed to your success, and can deliver what you need, don’t delay. Call us today at (800) 795-2187 for a free consultation.