Can Guaranteed Lead Services be Trusted?

Every business owner is eager to succeed. In some cases, they may even be a little too eager. When a person is so focused on nothing but maximizing success, he or she may overlook some of the warning signs that would otherwise be very obvious. This is especially true in the roofing industry.

Nothing is Guaranteed!

It does not take a very long time in the business world to learn that nothing is guaranteed. Even though there are plenty of companies out there who are offering up a full array of supposed “guaranteed services.”

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This is one area where the new business owner can fall into some very serious traps. Think of the logic behind a guaranteed service. Most people assume that a guarantee means every possible problem or bad scenario is covered 100% by the guarantee. This may be true in some cases, but there is always an alternative side to look at. This is especially true when it comes to lead generation services.

There is an entire industry that thrives off of lead generation and marketing services. Most business owners are happy to use these services because they struggle finding enough time to run the operations side of their business properly.

Business owners don’t always have the free time to market their services and capture leads that could turn into lifelong customers. That is why the idea of a guaranteed lead generation service is so appealing.

All the business owner has to do is pay a company to deliver them customers. If the numbers add up, then it all seems to make sense on the outside, but what is really happening with these types of guaranteed lead generation services?

The Dangers of Using a Guaranteed Lead Generation Service

Using a lead generation service can be dangerous because it produces a false sense of hope. In reality, here is how most of these supposed “guaranteed” lead generation services work.

Quality is everything when it comes to leads. Most guaranteed leads are extremely low quality. To make matters even worse, most of these leads are being sent to not just one roofing company, but many of their competitors in the local as well. There just isn’t any other way to ensure a strong flow of leads to everyone because there are only so many leads a week to go around.

Suddenly there are 5-10 roofing companies bidding on the same exact job. The lead may have been guaranteed, but how will your company fare against all of the competition. Will your company win the bid and convert that “guaranteed” lead into a sale? Most likely not unless you lower your profits. If that is the case, then this supposed “guaranteed” lead is now worthless or maybe even costing you profits that could have been made by focusing your time on a different job.

Why Our Services Are Different

Our marketing services work very differently than the guaranteed lead services you will find everywhere else. We deliver all of your information directly into the hands of a building owner. We turn the tables. Instead of the contractor calling the business owner, the business owner is calling the contractor directly because they are very interested in their services. At this point, there is no stiff competition. The lead is of a much higher quality because there is a very good chance it will be converted into a sale.

Beware of other companies that are offering “guaranteed” lead services. Remember the old saying, “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.”