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Social Media & SEO: A Winning Combo

If you have ongoing SEO for your site, but do not have social media distribution and management of your website’s content, your roofing company is missing out. A bit of information first.  3.78 billion people are using social media worldwide.  You probably don’t care about most of them.  However, right here in the United States, […]

SEO 101

As a business owner, you probably hear the term SEO all the time from solicitations, but unless you’re a geek (like pretty much everyone on our team), you probably don’t really understand what that really means. If you want to grow, it would be a big mistake not to fully understand the term. To understand […]

Something for Nothing?

We recently wrote about the importance of updating older WordPress websites.  The blog discussed the exploits hackers use to get into and maliciously change code, the risks associated with lower standings in Google and other search engines, and the irreparable risk to your reputation should your site be hacked. Now, Top Roof Marketing is putting […]

Upgrades for Your Website

The trend toward digital advertising continues to rise. The good news is that having a professional website can make you stand out like never before. The bad news is that hackers are rampant, website speeds are now calculated for ranking your site in search engines like Google, and heavy traffic can bog down your site. […]

How to Stay Visible Online

This year has thrown many companies curveballs that disrupted their traditional marketing methods. While many have steered towards digital advertising, it is important to know to use each online strategy properly to get tangible results. While Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms used by marketers, Facebook is beginning to see a […]