Commercial Roofing Marketing

commercial roofingAs a commercial roofing business owner, you are probably flooded with calls from marketing companies trying to convince you to use their services. There are thousands of companies out there to choose from, but how do you know what commercial roofing marketing company you can trust to get you the results you need?

What to Look for in a Commercial Roofing Marketing Company

There are numerous ways to market your business, but the first piece to identify is if the services they offer are effective in the commercial roofing industry.

In today’s world, branding is crucial to growing a business and maintaining a strong position long term.  A great commercial roofing marketing company offers a wide array of effective options, each of which can be custom-tailored to enhance your existing branding.  Some of these options should include:

  • Well-Ranking Website – Business managers and owners, as well as property-managers regularly turn to the internet to find service providers and research them before making decisions. Having a strong online web presence can make a huge difference. What does your web presence say about you?
  • Direct Mail – There is a myth going around by digital-only marketers that direct mail is dead. This is far from true in the commercial roofing field. Direct mail is a strong marketing method that continues to have a fantastic ROI because of its unique ability to target building owners who are most likely to respond.
  • Content Creation – Are you looking to get on the first page of Google but do not want to pay for every click the rest of your life? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to great rankings and keeping things lively on your website and social networking channels.
  • Print Designs – Having branded print material will help you stand out as a true professional and be more memorable. From brochures and value proposition letters to folders, these crucial pieces can’t be overlooked. They are often the only thing a client has left in their hands to remember you by after you make your sales pitch.
  • Social Media – No commercial roofing business should be without a strong, active social media presence.  Whether you choose Facebook, LinkedIn or multiple platforms, your page needs to be regularly updated with new content so you leave a vibrant impression anytime someone checks you out. After all, social media channels often rank right after the official website when someone searches for a company name.

Why Top Roof Marketing?

When you work with Top Roof Marketing, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Backed by a 9+ year track record and dozens of 5-star reviews, we specialize in the commercial roofing industry. We know what works and will help guide you on the right path. We have completed hundreds of campaigns and use the results to further optimize results.

Not only do we offer all the marketing options crucial to branding your company, but our many years of expertise also allows us to advise you on the most cost-effective way to move your business forward, based on both your short-term and long-term business goals.  We offer this guidance at no charge to each of our valued clients.

As a highly experienced commercial roofing marketing company, the team of experts at Top Roof Marketing work diligently to ensure all marketing campaign pieces flow together seamlessly, providing a unified feeling to your future clients and underscoring the branding of your commercial roofing company.

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation with one of our professional marketing advisors, please reach out to us at 800-795-2187 or complete our online contact form.