Social Media & SEO: A Winning Combo

If you have ongoing SEO for your site, but do not have social media distribution and management of your website’s content, your roofing company is missing out.

A bit of information first.  3.78 billion people are using social media worldwide.  You probably don’t care about most of them.  However, right here in the United States, that figure is 223 million users.  That’s pretty much every single American adult.  Again, most of them probably aren’t important to your business.  Determining how many are in each specific state isn’t really needed for this blog, but it’s fair to say it is also a vast number.

Now, consider that more than 75% of those users state they use social media as one of their decision-making tools.  That’s right! 3 out of 4 of your potential clients use social media while determining if they want your service.

Prospects can easily find your social media channels when they look up your business name in Google as part of their research. They look for commentaries from other customers.  They look for evidence that you are reputable, honest and knowledgeable.  They look for indications of community involvement.  They want to get to know YOU before committing their dollars.

Improved Social Media Postings = Better Google Rankings

Additionally, the algorithms Google and other search engines use to rank your company via SEO also give weight to the posts in your social media platforms.

Regular social media posts increase your client interaction, establish you as a roofing expert in your area and help your SEO rankings across the board.  Unfortunately, most people find it time consuming, so they don’t do it at all or only sporadically.

Why choose us?

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At Top Roof Marketing, we offer a service where we will post, on your behalf, a brief reference to your website content that also includes an eye-catching picture.  This would be posted on a regular basis, without any involvement on your part.

For example, if you have an SEO plan that receives 5 blogs per month, you will have a posting to your preferred social media platform(s) every 6 days.  Automatically.  Without any work from you because we’ll manage it all.

We are currently running a special on our social media marketing plan. Please reach out for details. If you don’t have an SEO plan with us, we also offer a social media management plan; and it’s custom designed to your particular needs.

Feel free to reach out. We would be delighted to explain in depth how the addition of our social media marketing will benefit your company.