Top 5 Marketing Concerns for Roofing Companies

Regardless of the industry, all businesses exist to make money. To make money requires customers. Attracting those customers is the main purpose of marketing.

There are tons of marketing choices, approaches and teams. Determining what works best is usually left to the professionals since that is most likely to get optimum results.

The focus of this conversation is addressing the concerns your roofing company may have about marketing.

Concern 1 – How to Stand Out from the Competition

Run a quick Google search and you will see there is a lot of competition in roofing. Standing out from your competitors is key to grabbing the limited number of customers available at any given time.

Solution. Branding has been time-tested as the best way to stand out consistently. Proper branding means using the same logo, colors, marketing design and “theme” in every piece of marketing you do and getting it out to the market constantly. This repetitive approach causes a “top of mind” reaction in a customer when they need your service.

To better understand branding, think of the Nike® swoop. You simply need to see that design, and you instantly think of shoes or athletic apparel. Though this is clearly a case of very deep pockets, the concept remains the same with your company.

Concern 2 – Social Media

Social media marketing is an absolute requirement in your outreach strategy. Statistics indicate over 75% of consumers include a social media search when considering whether to work with a company. Poor social media presence, or none at all, does nothing but hand those potential customers over to another company.

Solution. Determine which platform(s) are most appropriate to your company. Facebook is a given, but if you are looking for business-to-business marketing of commercial roofing services, then LinkedIn may be an excellent addition. If your demographic is more young and trendy individuals, you should be looking at TikTok and Instagram. Knowing your target demographic is key.

Once you have targeted your best audience, ensure your presence looks great. Clear, clean pictures, proper grammar, and engaging content are what you are going for.

Finally – engage!!!  One post per month is not going to get the job done. For great results, you need a minimum of a post per week. Use different media including video, polls, graphics and pictures to grab and keep the attention of your followers.

Concern 3 – Changing Expectations in the Marketplace

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Since 2020, we have seen tremendous changes in what consumers expect from the businesses they choose to work with. To be successful, your roofing business must meet those expectations. An entire generation is growing up expecting businesses to be socially involved.

Solution. This is not a political discussion. We are talking about what your customers expect if they are going to do business with you.

Make clear statements in your online presence including your website, social media campaigns and even your print marketing pieces regarding your company’s support of energy efficient products, reducing waste or other appropriate concerns.

Don’t hesitate to share any non-profit organizations your company supports. Do you make regular donations to Habitat for Humanity? Say so! Today’s consumer wants to know that you care about the community. Tell them how you do.

Concern 4 – Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

Unless you are like the aforementioned Nike®, you probably have a limited marketing budget. But where to allocate those dollars for maximum return on investment is a huge concern.

Solution. Before you can decide where to spend those dollars, you must know what your goal is. Are you looking for long-term sustainable growth or are you looking for a quick punch of activity for your business? The best mechanism for one will generally not work for the other. Knowing your goal is the first key.

Key two is an understanding of your target demographic or customer. Direct mail works great for some target audiences, while being a complete turn-off for others. Without a clear understanding of who you are targeting, you will never be able to decide the best form of marketing to invest in.

This is where a professional marketing company shows their true value. A company that understands your industry is invaluable in helping you determine what style of marketing is best to meet your professional goals.

Concern 5 – Time

You are a busy person. You are running your business, supervising employees, handling customer relations, and may have a family that deserves your time and attention. Who has time for overseeing the marketing as well?

Solution. Call Top Roof Marketing. We are industry experts focused specifically on roofing and know the best ways to position your company. Working within your budget, we will tailor a marketing campaign to meet your goals. We can manage your website, manage your social media and design customer print pieces like flyers and brochures; ensuring all integrate with one another seamlessly.

Our staff would be honored to sit down (via Zoom or face-to-face) and discuss your goals and preferred demographic, then offer our best solutions with data to back each one up.

It is our goal to be your marketing partner for years. We have found working in this manner allows our clients to grow in a way few companies can compete with.

Call us today at 800-795-2187 and see for yourself what we’re about and how we can help you step up to the next level.