Press Releases for Roof Contractors

Newspaper Meets the Internet.

newspaperThe press release is one of the most time-honored ways for getting word out about your company. In the last 100 years, it was the primary method for reaching out to the media, and subsequently to the public.

The times have changed, though, and with that the way businesses generate “buzz” or public — and customer — attention. Particularly, the Internet lets you reach out to customer prospects directly, and press releases can now be put online to achieve that goal.

Done right, a single company news release can be posted on 200+ websites.

Now imagine that exposure for your roofing company and its services.

Press Releases Today and Their Advantages

mapIn the past, you had to snail mail a press release and then wait for a response for weeks or months. Nowadays, an online distribution outlet lets a press release be posted on hundreds of websites instantly.

What are some of the other advantages associated with using a distribution service?

  • Optimization for #1 place on search engines like Google
  • Press release coverage by premier news outlets
  • Publication opportunities in business journals
  • Better SEO results for your roofing company
  • Increased visitors to your website and lead conversions
  • Development of journalist and online media contacts
  • 24/7 press release accessibility
  • Monitored results and in-depth metrics
  • Greater buzz with little time, money, and energy inputs
  • Savings in valuable time and money

Let Us Help You Get Buzz

magaphoneTop Roof Marketing’s highly experienced marketing professionals have years of experience in crafting quality press releases that get results. Their broad backgrounds and expertise enable them to compose compelling press release content that gets results.

They’ll also ensure you get the optimal coverage for your company’s developments, ensuring you connect with more prospects and bring in more business.

Reach out to us today to learn how to take advantage of this amazing resource!

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