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Nowadays, all sorts of marketing methods are being used for getting the word out. Search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, blogging… there is a hodgepodge of marketing tools out there. With that being the case, the fact that everyone’s using them can make one’s own efforts seem ineffective or even behind the times.

Despite all of the innovations, there’s something to be said for the old ways of reaching out to prospects and building a solid customer base, one customer at a time. Telemarketing is one of those ways. It’s timeless as it creates a personal connection with a lead, and when it’s paired with a direct mail campaign, response rates reach new levels.

Study after study shows that following up a direct mail campaign with a phone call can boost response rates by 50% or more. In sales, there are few things more compelling than the power of the personal connection.

Imagine what would happen if you used these powerful techniques in your own lead marketing efforts.

What Does a Powerful Telemarketing Campaign Feature?

Key Elements for Success:

  • Establish a warm impression with the prospect.
  • Communicated attentiveness to lead’s needs/concerns.
  • Friendly, helpful manner and clear call to action.
  • Adaptability and a listening role for gauging consumer interests.
  • Customer needs and service-oriented approach to build rapport
  • Clear communication of product or service value to prospect
  • Outlined talking points for drawing lead in
  • Articulated belief in the product or service’s quality
  • Targeted at time of day at which prospect is most likely to answer
  • Conversational approach with lots of listening to customer needs

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At Top Roof Marketing, each client’s needs, satisfaction, and time come first. We’re here to serve, and that philosophy shows in our daily operations and client interactions.

When it comes to our telemarketing services, we stress convenience, targeted call campaigns, and results. We also offer specialized discounts so you get quality along with price competitiveness when combining telesales with one of our direct mail packages.

Industry expertise paired with great benefits:

  • Exceptional Customer Service, Period
  • First-Rate Advisement and Marketing Guidance
  • Unbeatable expertise and industry insights
  • Full Customer and Operations Support
  • Convenience and Savings in Time and Money
  • An Increase in Your Pool of Leads and Profitability

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