Why Use a Marketing Company that Specializes in Roofing?

Being perfectly frank, we all know there is a proliferation of do-it-yourself website and marketing programs out there.  Plus, you can do a search and find literally hundreds of thousands of marketing companies willing to take your dollars to market your company.  Literally, search Google under “marketing company” and see the 9,860,000,000 listings pop up.

So, why choose one with a focus on roofing? Perhaps a better way to look at it would be with an analogy.  If you have a broken foot, why choose a doctor that specializes in that area?  Why not search the internet for a cheaper doctor, regardless of specialty?  There are probably millions available, and one doctor is as good as the next, right?  Better yet, save yourself money and take care of the problem personally.  No one can do it as well as you, right?  Seriously????  This may be an extreme example, but no less compelling.

There are many forms of marketing, so let’s take a look at the primary options your commercial roofing company is considering.


Let’s start with a little homework.  Take a moment and search “commercial roofing company” and your local town name (i.e. “commercial roofing company Columbus, OH”).  How many listings come up?  Hundreds?  Where does your company fall in those pages?  Statistics show that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine inquiry just like the one you did.  Furthermore, the large majority of those searches STOP on the first page.  If you are falling back on page 4 or 5, how much potential business are you losing?

Let’s go over a little Internet 101 now.  Google, and all other search engines, use algorithms that evaluate every site based on certain words and phrases that repeat within both the content as well as the “back of the site”.  Knowing the right words in the right order helps determine ranking (below those that pay for top spots in the sponsored section).  This is one area that a specialized marketing company comes into play.  To rank as high as possible, without bankrupting your company with paid advertising in ineffective areas, requires a deep understanding of SEO, organic growth, content creation and the terms customers most frequently utilize when looking for YOUR roofing services.

Direct Mail

Perhaps you care considering a different form of marketing at this time.  Your website is a long-term lead generator.  It isn’t a quick boost, and maybe that is what your company is looking for. Direct mail is a popular option for marketing roofing services and getting immediate results.  Some compare a direct mail campaign to a steroid boost.  Again, there are a lot of companies glad to print up a cheap direct mail piece and mail it out for you.  How do you know what to look for?

Your perfect direct mail marketing campaign will know the phrases and imagery that have been proven as most popular in your specific region.  Images and text that work great in Maine may be less effective in Phoenix.  Even more important than the piece itself is where and to whom it is sent.  The most effective marketing campaign is one that gets in the hands of your target audience.  If you are a commercial roofer, looking for more 10,000+ square foot jobs, do you want your mailing going to gas stations and other undesirable businesses or do you want to work with a marketing company that specializes in roofing and knows how to ensure only quality deliveries?

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing has become quite the trend over the past years.  It is effective, building layer on layer of repeated exposure that ultimately leads the consumer to immediately think of your company when considering a product or service.  This is most effectively done with a combination strategy.  Your website, company printables, social media campaigns and even transportation all reflect the same logo, with the EXACT same color scheme and consistency.  The best way to ensure consistency is to work with a single marketing organization.

You are a roofing contractor.  Your company deserves a marketing company that understands, in a deeply fundamental way, what your business does and who your customers are.  Without that gut-level knowledge and specialized expertise, you might as well hire a plumber to fix your next dental cavity.

Top Roof Marketing specializes in marketing on behalf of roofing companies.  For more information on our services, please call (800) 795-2187 to speak with one of our team members and learn how we can help your company grow.