Your Last Good Chance for Fall Mailers!

Here at Top Roof Marketing, we truly are “the top” when it comes to providing outstanding marketing services for commercial roofers throughout the United States. We help our clients succeed every day—leveraging our specialized commercial roofing knowledge.

Today, we’d like to discuss mailers. If you are still interested in doing a mailer for 2022, it needs to go out now — unless, of course, you don’t care what kind of results you get…

In the marketing game, it is all about results, so here is some food for thought as the year begins to wane and a chill starts creeping into the air:

  • September is upon is, and it will be Thanksgiving before you know it. Mailers need to go out long before the holidays while you still have adequate time to close your contracts and perform work while the weather is still warm.
  • Having your mailers pre-printed ahead of time allows you to drop them at a moment’s notice—such as when it’s been raining and your incoming calls can easily double.
  • Top Roof Marketing has sent out and tracked calls for over 1 million mailers all over the country!
  • We have the purest mailing lists around, stripping out those who are unlikely to respond or are associated with too much red tape or undesirable roofs.

Are you ready to send out mailers? Call us today at (800) 795-2187 to get started!

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The members of our team stay at the cutting edge when it comes to marketing practices, as well, with continuing education efforts that include attending manufacturer applicator training programs, roofing workshops, conventions, and other programs where we can learn from various experts.

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