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Your Last Good Chance for Fall Mailers!

September 7th, 2017
Here at Top Roof Marketing, we truly are “the top” when it comes to providing outstanding marketing services for commercial roofers throughout the United States. We help our clients succeed every day—leveraging our specialized commercial roofing knowledge. Speaking of marketing services, today we’d like to discuss mailers. If you are still interested in doing a…
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The Importance of a Professional Commercial Roofing Logo

April 22nd, 2017
They say first impressions are everything. In the business world, your commercial roofing logo is your first impression—your visual handshake, if you will, to customers and would-be customers. Just as a flabby handshake is a sign of weakness, a subpar logo can communicate inadequacy and turn off potential clients before they’ve even picked up the…
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Top Roof Marketing Reviews

March 23rd, 2017
What is it that you are looking for when researching a company? For the quickest response time or best long-term results? Here at Top Roof Marketing, we believe in the power of hard work and good old fashioned word of mouth. One of the best ways to learn about a company is to hear what…
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We’re Expanding Our Team to Support Record Numbers

July 8th, 2016
Top Roof Marketing has had a number of great changes since season kicked off in February in order to support more commercial roofing contractors with their marketing efforts as well as add additional talent to offer more services. In the past several months we have added three dedicated and skilled writes to better serve our…
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Telemarketing for Commercial Roofing Contractors: Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

February 27th, 2016
Compared to digital marketing and social media, telemarketing is not exactly cutting-edge technology. However, its efficacy should not be underestimated. Despite a shift towards on-line strategies, experts still regard telemarketing as an effective and efficient method for generating leads. According to a recent study, 40% of marketers believe telemarketing is the best vehicle to reach…
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Ways to Position Your Website for Higher Google Rankings

October 23rd, 2015
Are you having trouble getting your website to rank well on Google? Perhaps it’s difficult to know even where to start. There are a few “tricks of the trade” you can do to help your website reach new heights. Read on to learn more about what you can do to increase your website’s search engine…
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Recapping Client Success and 2015 Growth

July 17th, 2015
It’s been yet another great year here at Top Roof Marketing. We wanted to highlight some of the great ways we’ve been able to serve our valued clients. Mailers At present, we’ve been privileged to increase direct mail services by well over 60% from 2014. Last year at this time, Top Roof Marketing designed and…
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How NOT to Market Yourself in the Commercial Roofing Industry

May 5th, 2015
Getting your business services in front of the right people can be a complicated task. For many commercial roofers, it’s nearly impossible to rely solely on word-of-mouth advertising for steady work and growth. Either way, no matter how skilled of a team you’ve assembled, or how well you demonstrate customer service, you can’t turn a…
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The Importance of Commercial Roofing Marketing in Springtime

February 12th, 2015
Today’s blog post covers a staple in the commercial roofing industry: commercial roofing marketing. Marketing – it’s one of those buzzwords that commercial roofing companies come across often. Of course it’s a key foundation for any commercial roofing company, regardless of how established they are. But when are the best times to engage in marketing…
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Gauging the Effectiveness of Direct Mail for Roofers

January 22nd, 2015
Direct mailers are one way of bringing in the roofing leads. You can target specific areas and customize your lead demographics. But as we discussed in a previous blog post, direct mail’s results depend heavily on precise lead targeting. And that means that factors such as the mailing list need to be of good quality.…
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